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Become a Guest Investigator
NOTE: Membership for guest investigators is currently CLOSED. Please keep checking this post on a routine basis to find out when membership re-opens.

WAPS is a non-profile organization and we would never charge for our services.  This application is an opportunity to join the WAPS organization as a guest investigator and is not considered a permanent spot unless you exceed expectations and mesh well amongst the group.  Once we have received your membership application form and it is approved:

1. You must be 21 years old or older.
2. You will be contacted via email and telephone
3. You will be invited to attend a short informal interview to discuss your reasons for joining and to discover what you expect to get out of Washington State Paranormal Society. This interview will also allow you to ask questions about our group so you can gain a clear understanding of what we do and may be in a group mass or individually.  
4. A full background report will be run on you.
5. Your application will be reviewed by the Founder and Co-Founder.
6. You will be contacted again via email and telephone regarding rather you have been accepted as a guest investigator of W.A.P.S.

We reserve the right to choose which would be easier if the amount of interest is high.

Please feel free to fill out the application and email it back to us.

Guest Investigator Application
Nathan Aupperle (Founder)
Brittany Anders-Aupperle (Co-Founder)
Washington State Paranormal Society (W.A.P.S.)

Official GAC "Ghost Adventure's Crew" Member: